Benefits Integration Platform (BIP)

The Veterans Benefits Management System (VBMS) is a business transformation initiative supported by technology and designed to improve VBA service delivery to Veterans. It is a holistic solution that integrates a Business Transformation Strategy (BTS) to address processes and people, along with a 21st century, web-based, paperless claims processing system.

VBMS is an electronic work environment (EWE) designed for processing compensation and pension claims. Beyond claims processing, VBMS consists of:

  • a document repository that electronically replaces the older paper folder used to track and store Veteran claim evidence;
  • a National Work Queue (NWQ) which manages and distributes the claims workload to field users;
  • a correspondence tool to create, send, and track communications to the Veteran;
  • a system to manage fiduciaries for disabled Veterans;
  • a rating feature set that allows for Disability Benefit Questionnaire (DBQ) exam results to be requested and processed through a complex schedule of rules to determine issues and service connection; and
  • an awards module to award the Veteran's benefits and transmit the information to Treasury through the Financial Accounting System (FAS).

The hardware and software (servers) associated with these functions are located in the government cloud and consist of customized software, but also some COTS products to provide a homogenous system for VBA to process compensation and pension claims.