Community Care Referrals and Authorization (CCR&A)

HealthShare Referral Manager is an enterprise-wide system, which will be used by community care staff to automate certain referral and authorization processes for all Veterans receiving care in the community. HealthShare Referral Manager will allow VA to move from what is currently a largely manual process to an automated process that generates standardized referrals and authorizations, according to clinical and business rules. As part of VA's and Community Care's modernization efforts, the HealthShare Referral Manager solution will be introduced as a central piece of information technology infrastructure that aims to provide Veterans with quality and timely access to community care providers.

HealthShare Referral Manager enables users to deploy industry standard practices through one easy to use and secure portal, giving VA staff and community providers the ability to communicate and seamlessly share medical information. Additionally, HealthShare Referral Manager will interface with key systems used at the VA, including Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS), Community Care Reimbursement System (CCRS), Consult Toolbox, and Provider Profile Management System (PPMS).