The Digitized Mail Handling Services (DMHS)

Direct Upload is a secure and fast way to submit Veterans’ claims and supporting material to VA’s Intake Center.

The Veterans Claims Intake Program (VCIP) designed Direct Upload along side Veteran Service Representatives to make it easy to submit documents directly to VBA without the need to print, mail, or fax them to VBA.

Direct Upload also includes a completely history of all submissions, and also displays the current status of the submission in real time throughout the Centralized Mail process.>/p>

Key capabilities of the VCIP Direct Upload tool include:

  1. Full assurance of complete submission
  2. Prevents the need to print evidence for faxing or mailing
  3. Date of submission becomes the official VA date of Receipt
  4. Immediate email notification of the submission
  5. Full historical reporting is available for all submissions
  6. Historical submissions can be opened and documents reviewed
  7. Real time updates on the status of submission

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