Remote Order Entry System (ROES)

VA's Remote Order Entry System application allows Veterans to place orders online for products and/or services available through the Denver Acquisition & Logistics Center (DALC). ROES provides a convenient, secure means of using the Internet to place orders for products available through the DALC. Veterans who currently receive VA care for designated medical/physical conditions can use ROES to request hearing aid batteries and prosthetic socks online. Previous methods of requesting replacement batteries (mail-in battery request card, e-mail request, phone request, etc.) will still remain in place.

If you are a Veteran and want to order products and/or services through the DALC you must have a level two credential. It is strongly recommended that you obtain a DS Logon Premium (level two) credential which will allow you to access not only ROES online ordering capabilities, but also a broad array of VA and Department of Defense (DoD) online resources. If you have any questions or wish to obtain more information regarding this access, please contact the ROES Customer Service Section at

A number of other government agency (OGA) clinical professionals also currently place orders for designated products through the DALC. These clinicians, many of whom practice within the DoD healthcare system, are already familiar with the DALC as a convenient source for designated medical products. DoD clinicians can now place orders through ROES, giving them access to an ordering system similar to that enjoyed by VA clinicians. Most notably, DoD audiologists already ordering hearing aids through VA's government-wide contracts can use ROES to do so, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of hearing aid and accessory orders.

DoD audiologists and associated procurement staff can use their DoD Common Access Card (CAC) to access ROES. For information, contact the DALC Customer Service Section at 303-273-6200 or by email at