Veteran Patient Statement

Millions of Veterans receive health care services from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Centers each year. When Veterans have a cost-sharing responsibility for health care received, the Veterans Health Administration's (VHA) Consolidated Copayment Processing Center (CCPC) sends the Veteran a patient billing statement. The VA is required to collect debts owed to the government. Action must be taken within sixty (60) days from the initial billing statement to pay the debt in full or establish a repayment plan or the account may be referred for further collection action.

As of December 20, 2016, delinquent debt that is 120 days or older and greater than $25.00 will be referred to Treasury Cross-Servicing. The Veteran Patient Statement excludes debt that has been referred to Cross-Servicing. Once a bill has been transferred to Treasury Cross-Servicing, VHA cannot accept payments for those debts. The total amount of all debt referred to Cross-Servicing will not be included in the total balance due.

To pay a bill in full by the balance due date on the initial billing statement to avoid late charges and collection action, a Veteran can pay:

  • Online: Pay by ACH withdrawal from the bank account, or by debit or credit card at for a fast, free, safe, secure and convenient way to make secured electronic payments to federal agencies.
  • By Phone: Contact VA at 1-888-827-4817.
  • By Mail: Make check or money order payable to "VA" and include your account number and payment stub. Submit to: Department of Veterans Affairs, P.O. Box 3978, Portland, OR 97208-3978
  • In Person: Locally, at your Veteran Affairs Medical Centers Agent Cashier's Office