Virtual Medical Center (VMC)

The VA Virtual Medical Center is a state-of-the-art online virtual world intended to improve accessibility and convenience of care for veterans. This 24-7 persistent virtual world serves as a collaborative learning environment for VA patients, healthcare professionals, and staff.

Unlike other online medical care centers, the VA-VMC provides two-way, real-time communication and care through eConsults, scheduled events, conferences and Virtual Medical Assistants. Specialized Clinics are available to focus on the health issues that are of special concern to veterans. There are also Cybraries, Education Centers, and kiosks for any user to easily access a huge library of VA services, education, training, research and wellness information.

The VA-VMC is currently in a closed Beta test with select pilot user groups to gather user feedback and prepare for a live release scheduled for later in 2015.

We believe this online, virtual medical center is an ideal way for a large-scale medical and healthcare provider such as the VA to meet the growing demand for health-care services and to contain costs. We expect it will become a popular model, and we're excited to be setting the pace in the health-care industry.